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High-End Refrigerator Features

Making a statement in your kitchen starts with your foundational appliance—the luxury refrigerator. With so many options to choose from, its important to know the different features that come with the different makes and models of high end refrigerators.

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Luxury Refrigerator Features

Built-In Features
Built-In Refrigerator Features

Column Features
Column Refrigerator Features

Undercounter Features
Undercounter Refrigerator Features

JennAir Brand Features
JennAir Brand Exclusive Features

High-End Refrigerator Features FAQ

Luxury Refrigerator Features

To set a baseline for what to expect when purchasing a high-end refrigerator, it's essential to understand the features of most luxury refrigerator brands. These are what differentiate high-end refrigerators from lower-end models. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about luxury refrigerator features, which are best for you and the statement you want to make.

Premium Materials

The build quality and materials used are a big differentiator for high-end refrigerators. JennAir brand column refrigerators, for example, are made of less plastic, which helps them stand apart from standard refrigerators. Premium refrigerators can have the ability to outlast other lower-end models due to the materials they're made of. These can include:

Aluminum and Glass Shelving

Shelves made out of stronger materials will have a sturdier base to hold higher volumes of food. These shelves are easy to clean, and because glass is less porous than plastic, less unwanted odors are trapped. These shelves also are more aesthetically pleasing, especially with the combination of premium lighting. 

Articulated Hinges

These specialized hinges enable the door to move outside the cabinetry plane, meaning the panels sit flush with the cabinets when the door is closed. When the doors are closed, luxury refrigerators can sit flush to your cabinets and be as out of the way as possible.

Dual Evaporators

Two evaporators allow for more accurate temperature and humidity control. This functionality helps your food stay fresh longer by keeping excess moisture and oxidation from spoiling your food.


Select luxury refrigerators come panel-ready. This means they come without a stainless steel panel on the door, so they can be fitted with a custom-made panel that matches your cabinetry, allowing for a seamless look. You can also customize the inside of your high-end refrigerator by adjusting the number of door bins and the height of shelves.

Smart Refrigerator Features

Many of the latest refrigerator features being developed now are smart features. High-end refrigerators can be paired with their manufacturer's apps to unlock new abilities. For example, the JennAir® App can allow owners to adjust settings for things like temperature, get notifications for when your water filter needs to be replaced and opt-in to get updates pushed to your device. Luxury refrigerators also offer compatibility with third-party apps such as Alexa and Google Assistant to make grocery lists, check what's in your refrigerator and manage your calendar.

Built-In Refrigerator Features

Built-in refrigerators are designed to be secured in your cabinetry. They are also usually taller than a freestanding refrigerator, and these facets, in combination, give built-in refrigerators a more luxurious look and feel.

Flush Design

The main appeal of a built-in refrigerator is that it won't stick out into free kitchen space. These models are made to align with your cabinets seamlessly. Flush design sets built-in refrigerators apart from freestanding refrigerators, which are not designed to be flush with cabinets and can intrude into your kitchen space.

Different Configurations

Built-in refrigerators can have different configurations based on the style of refrigerator you choose. These include the french door, where the refrigerator doors open towards each other and a freezer drawer underneath. The side-by-side configuration is divided down the middle into a freezer section and a refrigerator section. A bottom freezer built-in refrigerator has a freezer drawer on the bottom and a refrigerator compartment on the top that is accessed by a door.

Column Refrigerator Features

Column refrigerators are a subcategory of built-in refrigerators, so all associated features are shown above also apply to columns. What makes column refrigerators different from built-in refrigerators is that they are stand-alone units of refrigerators or freezers. This gives you nearly endless options when it comes to your configuration.

Bespoke Feel

Columns are where bespoke kitchens begin. As dedicated refrigerator and freezer units, columns are meant to be combined in one, two or three-unit configurations. Additionally, you can configure a column to have a left or right door swing, choose from multiple widths and customize your panel.


Column units can be arranged in hundreds of different ways to fit your needs. For example, if you find yourself hosting often and struggle to place all the dishes you prepare into your refrigerator, you could line a wall with three refrigerator columns. If you wanted a wide refrigerator column between two freezer units, columns afford you that option. The most common configuration is a column refrigerator and freezer set next to each other.

Undercounter Refrigerator Features

This product line consists of multiple 24- and 18-inch refrigeration products, specifically a beverage center, undercounter refrigerator, wine cellar, refrigerator drawers, combination refrigerator/freezer drawers and ice machine.

Unconventional Placement

An undercounter refrigerator is perfect for installation in places other than the kitchen that could be upgraded by having refrigeration. If you had a meeting with clients in your office, for example, an undercounter refrigerator would allow you to easily offer them a chilled refreshment from the convenient beverage center under your desk.

Dedicated Functionality

The types of undercounter refrigerators include beverage centers, ice machines, wine cellars and standard refrigerators. Each of these has a dedicated configuration and purpose. For places where a freestanding wine refrigerator or built-in wine refrigerator wouldn't make sense due to space or stock constraints, an undercounter wine refrigerator is perfect. If you happen to be a family of iced coffee fiends, an undercounter ice maker would be a welcome addition to the kitchen. And if your kids' friends want a break from all the running around, an undercounter refrigerator stocked with snacks and drinks will help keep them healthy and hydrated.

JennAir Brand Exclusive Features

JennAir® is one of the leading creators of luxury refrigerators. They offer all the refrigerators cataloged above and with all the associated features. JennAir brand also has a suite of features that are signature to their refrigerators.

Industry-Exclusive Colors

JennAir brand's signature Daring Obsidian Interior is a stark contrast to the white or stainless steel interiors most often seen in the industry. Designed to make the food within easier to see and give the refrigerator opening process an air of refinement, an Obsidian interior refrigerator is a great way to rarefy the food storing experience. JennAir® also offers limited edition interiors like Burlesque for the uniquely daring.

TwinFresh™ Climate Control

While controlling the temperature of your luxury refrigerator is useful, controlling the temperature of individual bins is pushing boundaries. Refrigerators have three distinct temperature zones, and freezers have two. This means your crisper drawer, meat drawer and deep-frozen treats will all have their specific temperature needs met simultaneously.

Low Volume

JennAir brand has made a concerted effort to minimize the amount of noise from your refrigerator. This allows you to enjoy your company without interruption by keeping your refrigerator from joining the conversation and letting its design speak for itself.

Ecliptic Lighting

A harsh bulb aimed right at your eyes when trying to see what's for dinner is less than ideal. The antithesis of this is the JennAir brand exclusive Ecliptic Lighting feature. It is a 650 bulb array that frames the fridge with LED lighting that ramps up when you open the doors. The way the warm glow plays with the aluminum and glass shelving to display your food will have you seeing dinner in a whole new light.

High-End Refrigerator Product Features FAQ

From the cost of appliances to the different configurations, discover the answers to some questions about high-end refrigerators.

How much are high-end refrigerators?

High-end refrigerators generally range anywhere from around $2,000 to $14,000. Limited-edition refrigerators or ones with exclusive features may be more expensive.

Are high-end refrigerators worth it?

People who find value in high-end refrigerators enjoy their control through smart features, the premium components that help make them quiet and efficient, and the visual aesthetics of a luxury product.

How many column refrigerators can I link together?

JennAir brand recommends installing no more than 3 column units in a row.

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