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Types of High End Refrigerators

Before curating your luxury kitchen, it's essential to know the high-end refrigerators available to pick the best one. From sleek design and premium finishes to exceptional performance, learn more about the different models of high end refrigerators and the features that make them stand above the rest.

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What Makes a Refrigerator High End?

Different Types of High End Refrigerators

Refrigerator Features and Details By Style

What Makes a Refrigerator High End?

Many notable features differentiate premium refrigerators from regular refrigerators. A high end refrigerator gives you the look of luxury without sacrificing power or performance. With a seamless aesthetic, a high end refrigerator prioritizes the fit, feel, and finish just as much as its chilling capability.





Different Types of High End Refrigerators

When it comes to selecting the right luxury appliance for your home, there are three common high end refrigerators styles. The most common types include column, built-in and freestanding refrigerators. These styles also vary in width, depth, finish and customizability. You can also expand your refrigeration to other areas in your home like the island or even in an office with undercounter refrigerators.

Column Refrigerator

Column refrigerators feature single-purpose all-refrigeration and all-freezer columns. The design allows you to build your refrigerator to suit your lifestyle by pairing your ideal-sized refrigerator with your ideal-sized freezer. Your freezer and refrigerator set gives the look of customized appliances when installed. When choosing the layout of your kitchen and refrigeration, you can select multiple columns in a row and different widths.

Built-In Refrigerator

While you can often curate different appliances to achieve the look you crave, built-in refrigerators give you complete customization control to seamlessly fit the refrigerator of your dreams into your high-end kitchen. Built-in refrigerators also arrive panel ready to fit with third-party custom cabinetry that allows the refrigerator to blend within the kitchen. Beyond the look of this refrigerator style, you can also select the sizing and orientation that matches your culinary needs.

Freestanding Refrigerator

A key difference between a freestanding refrigerator and other designs is, in fact, the inherent design. While different refrigerator types give the rest of your kitchen a fully flushed look, a freestanding refrigerator gives you the flexibility to move freely with the availability of counter-depth. A freestanding refrigerator will nearly flush into existing non-custom cabinetry — an excellent option for someone not looking to fully remodel their kitchen when adding high end appliances.

Undercounter Refrigerator

An undercounter refrigerator is as versatile as it is stylish and functional. Sitting neatly below the counter, these refrigerators are installed to flush with cabinetry and equip you with more power to chill various ingredients. You can also place them in rooms beyond the kitchen, including an office, a home bar or an outdoor kitchen. Undercounter refrigerators come in many different styles, including panel-ready refrigerators, beverage refrigerators, and ones designed specifically for wine.

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Refrigerator Features and Details By Style

While luxury appliances have a unique aesthetic that sets them apart, each style includes various design features that make them stand above the rest. Beyond the high end materials like solid glass, metal shelving and chrome details, features like hushed acoustics, smart technologies and cinematic lighting allow you to live more efficiently in your kitchen.

Explore the different features of high end refrigerators:

Column Refrigerator Features:

Panel Ready:

Choose an exterior that is unique to your kitchen with column refrigerators that accept a variety of panel materials.

Stand Alone Design:

Enjoy the freedom to place your refrigerator or freezer wherever you want. Install them side by side, or leave room for a pantry in between.

Seamless Touches:

Let your column refrigerator go completely incognito until you open the door, giving you a fully flushed and integrated look. 

Countless Configurations:

From freezer to refrigerator and left-hand or right-hand swing, choose from the various widths and unit configurations.

Smart Technologies:

Connect to WiFi for real-time notifications and control your columns from anywhere.

High End Column Refrigerators from JennAir

Built-In Refrigerator Features:

Luxury Interiors:

Elevate your kitchen with interior details, materials and finishes that match the premium look of the exterior.

Climate Control:

Adjust the temperatures of your drawers to fine-tune the preservation of your fresh and frozen food to your liking.

Fully Integrated Design:

Choose your refrigerator to include premium finishings, specific sizing and adjustable door bins.

Exterior Water Dispensers:

Let water be available quickly and conveniently with a through-the-door ice and water dispenser that complements the built-in exterior.

Premium Air Filters:

Free your refrigerator of common food odors with air filters that create a fresh refrigerator environment.

High End Built In Refrigerators from JennAir

Freestanding Refrigerator Features:

Full Depth:

Freestanding refrigerators give owners a spacious interior for produce, liquids and all your favorite foods.

Easy Installation:

Unlike other makes and styles of refrigerators, freestanding refrigeration does not require professional installation.

Produce Preservation:

Allow filters to absorb ethylene gas produced by ripening fruits and vegetables so your produce stays fresher.

Cinematic Lighting:

Multiple LED strips ramp up to full brightness as the doors open to minimize shadows and elegantly illuminate your ingredients.

Integrated Electronic Controls:

Touch-activated electronics with LED display controls are concealed so adjustments and selections can be made without opening the door the entire way.

High End Freestanding Refrigerators from JennAir

Undercounter Refrigerator Features:

Stealth Flush Designs:

Whether or not you choose to add custom panels, high under-counter refrigerators blend into your cabinets without exposed hinges or trim pieces.

Additional Storage:

Organize your kitchen with ease and have frequently used ingredients where you need them with chilling that complements your full-sized refrigerator.

Temperature Presets:

Choose temperatures that fit your desires, with various preset control options for cooling wine, charcuterie and more.

Various Options:

Undercounter refrigerators come in various styles like compact refrigerators, drawers, wine cellars, beverage centers and ice machines for anywhere you want to place your refrigerator.

Smooth Close Doors:

An articulating hinge discreetly ushers the door open and gently pulls it closed.

High End Undercounter Refrigerators from JennAir

Which type of high end refrigerator is right for me?

When shopping for a new high end refrigerator, you want an appliance that makes your life more efficient while offering a seamless look and premium feel. A column refrigerator offers versatility and can be curated to your lifestyle, especially when paired with a freezer of any size. Plus, when a column refrigerator and freezer set is installed together, they have the flushed look and feel of a built-in refrigerator. Built-in refrigeration gives you full customization, letting you choose from various styles, widths and depths to be incorporated with your cabinetry. For those who want flexibility, easy installation and more room for your delicacies, freestanding refrigerators offer all these benefits and more. The different makes and models of high-end refrigerators let you pick the best-suited options for your culinary prowess. 

Once you select your full-sized high end refrigerator that is perfect for your kitchen, you can always complement your cooling capabilities with an undercounter refrigeration system. Beverage centers may be best for those who love to entertain, while drawers provide you with easy access to ingredients right below the counter. 

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