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What is a Column Refrigerator?

As a popular pick for luxury kitchen new builds and renovations, built-in column refrigerators give your kitchen clean, simple sightlines, particularly when paired with other built-in appliances. Learn more about column refrigerators and how they enhance your kitchen.

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What are Column Refrigerators and Freezers?

How is a Column Refrigerator Different Than a Built-In?

Column Refrigerators and Freezer Features

What are Column Refrigerators and Freezers?

Column refrigerators are full-sized, single-purpose refrigerators and freezers that can be built into your cabinetry for a finished, seamless look that is a must for luxury and high-end kitchens.

How is a Column Refrigerator Different Than a Built-In?

They’re versatile

When a column refrigerator and freezer set is installed together, they look like a built-in refrigerator. But, you can pair any size refrigerator with any size freezer—to customize your preservation space to your exact lifestyle.

Visit the farmer’s market on a weekly basis, but don’t really use your freezer? Choose a 36-inch column refrigerator and pair it with an 18-inch freezer. Even install your column refrigerator and freezer set separately—in separate rooms like a butler’s pantry—so your kitchen works and looks exactly the way you want.

JennAir column refrigerators have expanded style options

Like columns, built-in refrigeration comes ready to pair with custom cabinetry, but JennAir column refrigerator and freezer sets have a wider breadth of style options to choose from. These panel-ready column refrigerators can be paired with panels that match your custom cabinetry for a fully-integrated look, or with JennAir® stainless steel RISE™ or NOIR™ Design Expression panels. Plus, you can customize your toe kick, handles and more.

Or, up the ante by choosing JennAir Brand Italian leather Cuts Panels in four distinct designs: Croc, Caviar, Carbon or Cognac.

Each panel option, from your own custom panels to stainless steel or leather can be paired with your choice of handle. Build your custom column refrigerator and freezer set with our Column Configurator.

Column Refrigerator and Freezer Features

As high-end appliances, built-in column refrigerator and freezer sets are designed with a number of performance features and high-quality materials, including solid glass shelves and door bins finished with real metal details. Soft-close storage drawers are complete with a diverse selection of presets, and the control panel is moved to a convenient location at waist-height.

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Explore more JennAir® Column Refrigerator features below:

Over 250 Configurations

Freezer or refrigerator. Left-hand or right-hand swing. One, two, three columns in a row. Four different widths. With 12 one-unit options, 75 two-unit combinations and over 250 three-unit combinations, configuration is where bespoke begins.

Trinity Cooling

Revel in the trinity of food preservation: three zones, three precision sensors, read every second. Fortified by an exposed air tower, you can conquer humidity levels and customize the temperature of each zone to your deepest desires.

Divinity Freezing

One provocative air tower. Two precision sensors. Read every second. United, they keep freezer temperatures from swinging and spirits impeccably chilled.

Remote Access

Open door. Power outages. Filter changes. Connect to WiFi for real-time notifications and control your columns from anywhere. Tap and swipe on both iOS and Android devices.*

Ecliptic Lighting

Live beyond the shadow. Abandoning the dark spots cast by dated puck lighting, over 650 LEDs frame and fill your column, coming alive at a touch of the controls. Each zone awakens and pulses as you mold your column to your desires.

Daring Obsidian Interior

Inspired by the beauty of volcanic glass, this industry-exclusive dark finish erupts with reflective, high-contrast style. Let fine foods and beverages emerge from the interior of your columns like vibrant art, begging to be devoured.

*Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. For details and privacy info, visit

Are column refrigerators and freezers right for your kitchen?

If you love the sleek, seamless and integrated look a built-in refrigerator gives your kitchen, but want the flexibility to choose your refrigerator and freezer widths individually to fit your lifestyle, a column refrigerator delivers all this and more.

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