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A JennAir® single wall oven.

Wall Oven Sizes & Dimensions

Whether you’re an avid baker, a culinary adventurer or a master at entertaining, a professionally-sized wall oven can amp up your cooking capabilities by providing more room where you need it and the right heat distribution to deliver precise results. This guide will help you learn about the different wall oven sizes available, how to measure your wall oven and which is best for your kitchen.

A modern kitchen filled with a suite of JennAir® appliances. A modern kitchen filled with a suite of JennAir® appliances.

What is a Professional Wall Oven?

A professional wall oven, or professional-style wall oven, is designed to have the look and feel of a commercial wall oven, like those you would find in a commercial kitchen or restaurant setting. They offer users ample space in the interior, with a sleek exterior made of premium materials and fine details that stand out from the rest.

You’ll often find that a professional wall oven will also come equipped with advanced features and capabilities. Some high-end wall ovens might come with Smart Features, so you can connect and control your appliance from your smartphone. Others will have cooking-specific features, like versatile modes to control the temperatures to your exact liking, built-in temperature probes, smooth glide racks and more.

The racks pulled out of an open JennAir® wall oven. The racks pulled out of an open JennAir® wall oven.

What Sizes Do Wall Ovens Come In?

Wall ovens generally come in a variety of sizes including 24, 27 and 30 inch wide models. Wall oven height can vary depending on the model and type you have and whether it's a single or double oven configuration.

Many brands offer additional sizes to provide versatility in other spaces, like luxury penthouses, upscale recreational vehicles and more.

An icon of a box, with a line measuring the width. An icon of a box, with a line measuring the width.

Wall Oven Width

When measuring your wall oven, the different sizes of appliances available are based on the width. Below are the most standard professional wall oven sizes available:

  • 24 inch wall oven – Ideal for smaller kitchen suites in a penthouse, cottage and more. 

  • 27 inch wall oven – The most standard wall oven width, which can fit with most cabinetry made by manufacturers. 

  • 30 inch wall oven – A wide wall oven to fit more cookware when entertaining or cooking for a larger family.
An icon of a box with a line measuring the depth. An icon of a box with a line measuring the depth.

Wall Oven Depth

The depth of your professional wall oven size tends to vary based on the different features it has. Most often, high-end wall ovens have a depth of 21 to 30 inches. The various sizes in depth allow for your wall oven to be matched to your cabinetry, but also provide you with more capacity in terms of the type of cookware you use. For instance, longer baking or cookie sheets can be placed in a deeper wall oven with ample room to spare.

An icon of a box with a line measuring the height. An icon of a box with a line measuring the height.

Wall Oven Height

The biggest range of measurement for the size of your wall oven comes with the height of the appliance. This is due to there being many different configurations you can choose from. You can find wall oven heights ranging from 27 to 55 inches. Whether you select a speed oven, microwave oven combinationdouble wall oven or other features like warming drawers, these additions will impact the height of your wall oven.

A wall oven inside of kitchen cabinets. A wall oven inside of kitchen cabinets.

How to Measure a Wall Oven

When measuring for a wall oven, it is essential to measure the width of your surrounding cabinetry if you are installing the wall oven into an existing spot, as this will determine the right width for your kitchen.

If you are opting for a customized configuration, talk with your builder or designer to ensure the kitchen layout has ample space for your ideal professional wall oven size. Learn the steps to follow to accurately measure your space to ensure a perfect fit.

1. Measure Wall Oven Width

To measure for a new wall oven, start by measuring the width of the surrounding cabinetry where you plan to install the appliance. 

2. Measure Wall Oven Height 

To measure for wall oven height, measure the cabinet cutout from top to bottom. If you’re planning to install the wall oven under the counter, measure from the floor to the countertop.

3. Measure Wall Oven Depth

To measure for wall oven depth, measure the entire depth of the space that the wall oven will be placed in. Make sure to measure from the wall to the face of the cabinet for an accurate depth measurement. 

What Is the Ideal Wall Oven Size for Your Kitchen?

The ideal oven size is the one that is best for your lifestyle. While the most standard sizes available are 27-inch wall ovens or 30-inch wall ovens, you will want to determine the available space and the capacity desired to suit your needs. Before choosing your wall oven size keep in mind your cooking habits, the size of your family and the overall layout of your kitchen space.

explore JennAir® Wall Ovens

JennAir® wall ovens are available in a multitude of designs and come in a variety of sizes and to integrate with your kitchen layout, aesthetic and configuration. They also offer a range of features including remote access, convection baking settings, flush design and more. 

Explore all the types of high-end wall ovens from JennAir and find the perfect fit for your family’s cooking needs and preferences.

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