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Types of High-End Wall Ovens

Whether you’re a keen baker or prefer a sleeker look in your home, a high-end wall oven can transform your kitchen and use space efficiently. If you’re considering adding one to your kitchen, we’re here to help you discover the different types, features, makes and models available to you.

Types include single wall ovens, double wall ovens, electric wall ovens, steam ovens, and even ovens paired with a convection microwave. Popular pairings for built-in wall ovens include warming drawers and high end wall oven-microwave combos, like luxury microwave drawers.

Table of Contents

What Makes a Wall Oven High End

What to Look for in a High-End Wall Oven

The Different Types of Wall Ovens

Single vs. Double Wall Ovens

Luxury Wall Oven Features

How To
Using a High-End Wall Oven

High-End Wall Oven FAQ

What Makes a Wall Oven High End?

Many things make a wall-oven high-end, including the inherent design of the appliance, smart features and more. These high-end appliances will give you enhanced features that improve functionality within the kitchen and the ability to customize their kitchen to fit their lifestyle.

A high-end wall oven allows you to explore different designs of your kitchen, as the cooktop and the oven are not integrated like a range. Wall ovens give you the flexibility to place your single or double wall oven in a convenient location and place your cooktop on any counter in your kitchen, like on an island.

Oven Design

Your luxury wall oven will flush into your cabinetry with premium details and finishes. Touch screen controls eliminate the need for bulky buttons and provide users with a sleek exterior to fit their high-end kitchen. 

If you want to add color to your space, wall ovens come in bold shades and striking hues. Choosing a colored wall oven can help you showcase your design style and complement the look of your upscale kitchen.

Oven Details

A high end wall oven is curated to look less like bulky appliances and more like sleek additions to your upscale kitchen. A luxury wall oven will stand out among the pack of other appliances as they often feature fine, striking details that contribute to it’s premium design. This can be anywhere from texture wrapping along the various elements and materials. 

The handles of these luxury wall ovens will be made of smooth metal and feature aluminum detailing. Select high-end wall oven models feature hidden elements and concealed details designed to disguise the vents, screws and gaskets.

Oven Materials

You’ll often find that high-end wall ovens come with stainless steel exteriors. However, high-end wall ovens will have stainless steel that comes in unique finishes, such as the RISE and NOIR designs offered by JennAir brand. Other exteriors include a modern, black glass exterior, offering a sleek and unique finish of wall oven. They also feature a glass window for you to check on your ingredients as they cook inside. 

A high-end wall oven will also have striking interiors to match the exteriors, made of refined materials. Inside the oven, glide racks allow you to smoothly slide your cookware in and out of the appliance so you can easily lift and move heavy cookware and roasts out of the oven with less effort.

Oven Power

As luxury appliances go, higher-end models provide you with more options. While some are powered by electricity, there are also luxury wall ovens powered by gas. 

You also want to consider the type of environment you want for your oven based on the different foods you cook. An electric wall oven is often considered to help cook foods evenly and is easy to clean. It will also provide users with a dry environment for cooking, which is ideal for promoting browning on your different ingredients and recipes.

A gas wall oven will generate more moisture when cooking your foods, so your ingredients like meats and vegetables will come out just right.

What to Look for in a High-End Wall Oven

A high-end wall oven will offer different features, sizes and models to make efficient use of your space. Prior to upgrading to a luxury wall oven, you’ll want to consider the space you have available and how you want your appliance to perform.

Oven Size

The standard sizes of a wall oven will be 24-, 27-, or 30-inches wide. The depth and height of the oven may vary across oven brands. The depth and height of your oven would change should you opt for a double wall oven or a combination wall oven. Most of the standard wall oven configurations have commercially available cabinets. The wider 30-inch wall oven will provide you with more space to cook various dishes simultaneously within the wall oven. 

When purchasing your high end wall oven, it is best to see your manufacturer's installation instructions.

Oven Safety

A high-end wall oven will come equipped with various safety features to ensure your oven is only used when you intend to. A control lock will allow you to prevent the use of your oven by locking the buttons so it cannot turn on. This is helpful when cleaning the controls or wiping down the oven's exterior.

The different smart tools give you real-time notifications and control of your appliance so that you can monitor its use from your smartphone.* 

*Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. For details and privacy info, visit





The Different Types of Wall Ovens

When selecting the right high-end wall oven for your kitchen, it’s essential to know the different types available to you. There are other models based on the way the oven opens and the additional cooking capabilities it features.

Steam Oven

Rather than using hot air for cooking your food, a steam oven uses hot steam. This can be an elevated appliance in your home, as it often optimally cooks certain foods compared to other cooking methods, like steamed vegetables. A steam oven will also cook foods without the use of oils or added fats and better retain the taste and texture of your food.

Convection Wall Oven

A convection wall oven will use a fan to cook food. This method of cooking blows the air directly onto the foods, wrapping them in heat. This type of oven will also sometimes cook food faster and also have lower temperature cycles, such as proof, keep warm and convection slow roast.

Some opt for adding a double convection wall oven in their kitchen versus a single convection wall oven, as it allows them to up their cooking capabilities by rapidly heating different ingredients at the same time. 

However, a double convection wall oven is not to be confused with a dual-fan convection wall oven. Dual-fan convection wall ovens will double the heat circulation with two fans inside the oven. You can find dual-fan convection ovens in single, double, and combination oven models.

Smart Wall Oven

As technology advances, so do the appliances available in our homes. A smart oven will have the capability to connect to your WiFi and use your Bluetooth connection so you can control the appliance from your smartphone or tablet.* Smart ovens also can connect your smart devices like Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can use the voice-activated controls on your oven.**

These advanced appliances allow you to set your oven to preheat while you’re on your way home or turn on the appliance while you’re in another room. The oven will also send notifications to your smartphone or tablet.

*Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. For details and privacy info, visit
**WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. For details and privacy info, visit

French Door Wall Oven

While other models have different features, the thing that sets a French door oven apart is the elevated way you open and close the oven. Wall ovens with french doors will allow you to open the doors like French doors from the center rather than from the top or the side. This lets you access your food easily, eliminating the need for reaching up and over a door to access your cookware.

Single vs. Double Wall Ovens

If you are unsure if one or two wall ovens are suitable for your home, there are many things to consider before deciding on your ideal amount. While a high end single wall oven uses less space, two stacked wall ovens allow you to cook more simultaneously. A high end double wall oven can be highly beneficial for those who like to entertain often or cook multiple dishes simultaneously. 

You can also choose ovens with different heating modes if you opt for a double wall oven in your kitchen. Many select a microwave oven above a full-sized convection oven. These combination ovens offer versatility to your kitchen, as well as various cooking modes. 

Though a double-wall oven will provide you with more space, it will also double the cost as you are paying for double the cooking capacity. In comparison, a single-wall oven is a more cost-effective option. You will also need more space to install luxury double wall ovens versus a single wall oven.

Luxury Wall Oven Features

There are many different features and functions to look for when shopping for a high-end wall oven. Capabilities like smart technology and integration may be ideal for someone who is always on the go. A luxury wall oven will operate more effectively and will often be quieter than lower-end models. Discover the different features that set a high-end wall oven apart from the rest:

  • Smart Technology & Integration
  • Guided Cooking 

  • Smooth Glide Racks

  • Smooth Door Close

  • Bright LED Lighting

  • No Preheat Baking

  • Closed Door Broiling

  • Preset Cooking Modes 

  • Control Locks

  • Self-Cleaning

Using a High-End Wall Oven

Once you have selected the right luxury wall oven for your kitchen, you will encounter the appliance’s installation and upkeep. There are also things you can add to your wall oven, like trim and built-in kits to elevate the look of your appliance.


As the name suggests, experts will install a high-end wall oven into your cabinetry. wall. If having a wall oven was not an already planned layout for your kitchen, you would need to cut into your cabinetry to make space for the appliance. It is essential to consider if your kitchen is equipped with the right kind of power when you want to install your luxury wall oven. 

Many high-end brands offer expert installation in your kitchen, so your high-end wall oven seamlessly flushes into your cabinets and fits the upscale aesthetics of your space.


Similar to other high-end appliances, your high-end wall oven will come with self-cleaning features that automatically clean your oven's interior after any use. The different materials will often have specific cleaning methods to keep them in the best shape possible, such as the glass and stainless steel exterior.

If you are unsure what to use when cleaning your high-end wall oven, it is best to consult the guides that came with the appliance or reach out directly to the brand's support team for guidance.


You can add many different accessories to your wall oven to customize it. From trim kits to upscale cookware, you can choose to elevate both the exterior as well as the cooking pieces in the interior to round out your luxury look and experience.

High-End Wall Oven FAQ

Is a high-end oven worth it?

Absolutely. A high-end wall oven can completely transform your kitchen to make it a more efficient use of your space or fit your cooking style. Wall ovens allow for different kitchen layouts than ranges, since the kitchen's cooktop is entirely separate.

What is the cost of a high-end wall oven?

A high-end wall oven can range from $2,800 to $12,000.

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