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Glasses and dishware in the upper rack of a JennAir Dishwasher.

Professional Dishwasher Sizes

Like most high-end appliances, many professional-style dishwasher sizes are available to you. Discover the different sizes below, from larger dishwashers to ones made for specific types of cookware and dishwasher.

Table of Contents

What is a Professional Dishwasher?

Different Sizes of a Professional Dishwasher

Capacity of a Professional Dishwasher

Commercial vs. Professional Dishwashers

How to Measure Your Professional Dishwasher

Professional Dishwasher Size FAQ

What is a Professional Dishwasher?

When you think of a professional dishwasher, you may often think of one in a restaurant or professional kitchen. However, many types of professional or professional-style dishwashers can elevate your home and enhance your dishwashing experience.

The empty racks of a JennAir Dishwasher. The empty racks of a JennAir Dishwasher.

Different Sizes of a Professional Dishwasher

​​While there are many different dishwasher sizes, the majority of dishwashers will often come in standard sizes. This is due to the area builders and developers allot for cabinetry and countertops, as well as doorways and entryways for bringing the appliance into your home when installing your dishwasher.

Here are the most common dishwasher widths you’ll find:

An icon of a compact dishwasher.

18 inches wide, or compact size

An icon of a standard dishwasher.

24 inches wide, or standard size

An icon of an oversized dishwasher.

30-42 inches wide, or oversized

In luxury kitchens, many opt for having two or more dishwashers to increase their dishwashing capacity and allow for washing items simultaneously while entertaining or hosting dinner parties.


​​When measuring the capacity of a dishwasher, it refers to the amount of dishes your appliance can hold. A professional dishwasher will allow more dishware and sizes to fit in the various racks. A professional dishwasher will sometimes allow you to hold more place settings than standard models, with certain brands holding up to 14 full place settings.

Of course, a dishwasher load will not always be the same. Professional-style models are designed with flexible features to help you make the most of your dishwasher’s available capacity. Raise or lower your racks to accommodate things like tall pans or long glasses. Certain rows of tines can be lowered to make room for wide bowls, while cup clips help let you load glassware easily. These features are designed to help you include more in each cycle and reduce the number of dishes left in the sink.

Commercial vs. Professional Dishwashers

Many things differentiate a commercial and a professional dishwasher from one another. For starters, a commercial dishwasher is designed to hold more dishes and wash them faster than professional dishwashers. A professional dishwasher will often prioritize finish and aesthetics more than commercial dishwashers, as they are made more for residential properties.

An icon of commercial offices.

Commercial Dishwashers

A commercial dishwasher is synonymous with a restaurant or kitchen, including features and modes to simultaneously wash and sanitize many dishes. It also has a higher capacity than non-commercial models. 


These types of dishwashers will often feature multiple racks and can come in larger sizes, often resulting in a higher capacity. They save time and make the larger loads of dishes come out clean and ready for use.

An icon of a home.

Professional Dishwashers

Professional dishwashers, or professional style dishwashers, have more advanced features than lower-end dishwashers. They prioritize aesthetics, as well as additional space and racks in the interior to increase your capacity. 

You’ll often find these luxury dishwashers better suited for residential locations. These appliances are likely to come in the standard size but also have an upscale look to match the rest of your luxury kitchen, like built-in dishwashers or panel-ready options.

High-end dishes and wine glasses in a JennAir Dishwasher. High-end dishes and wine glasses in a JennAir Dishwasher.

How to Measure Your Professional Dishwasher

Whether you’re remodeling or upgrading your current appliances, measuring is always a good place to begin as you shop for your new appliance. 

Start by measuring your existing appliance and available space in your home. While you may think it is a good idea to buy the same size appliance that you already have, it is essential to account for additional widths like handles or trim kits during professional dishwasher installation. 

Measuring doorways or entryways is also an excellent place to check before purchasing a professional dishwasher. The dishwasher will have to be installed in your home and enter through one of these access points.

Wine glasses and other glassware in a JennAir Dishwasher. Wine glasses and other glassware in a JennAir Dishwasher.

Professional Dishwasher Size FAQ

Are all dishwashers the same size?

While there are different sizes of dishwashers, the majority of dishwashers will come in the standard size of 24 inches.

Are dishwashers a standard size?

Yes, a standard dishwasher size is 24 inches. This is often the size left for a 24 in dishwasher within non-custom cabinetry. It is also the standard size that doorways and entryways are built so that the dishwasher can be brought into a home or location for installation.

How much does a professional dishwasher cost?

A professional dishwasher can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000. The range in price is largely affected by the dishwasher’s capacity, the appliance’s brand, its different features and more.  

More expensive dishwashers will have additional features like storage within or below the appliance, sanitizing modes, higher temperatures and quick wash cycles.

Is a professional dishwasher worth it?

Definitely. Some professional-style dishwashers will allow for a higher capacity in their loads, making them ideal to use in the kitchen. Beyond the size and capacity of the dishwasher, there will also be different modes that make the dishwasher easier to use compared to other non-professional models.

Where can I purchase a professional dishwasher?

Sometimes, these models of professional or professional-style dishwashers will not be available in big box stores. You can often find them in specified stores or high-end appliance retailers. 

To schedule a visit and discover JennAir® professional-style dishwashers, use their store locator to find a JennAir retailer near you.

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