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Compare Wall Ovens

Oven Configuration

Single: A wall oven with a single oven cavity.


Double: A wall oven with two oven cavities.


Microwave Combination: A wall oven with a convection microwave stacked above an oven cavity.

Design Expression

RISE™ Design: A traditional, professional-style design featuring a robust, textured handle.


NOIR™ Design: A modern, minimalist design featuring hidden textures on the handle.

Assisted Cooking

A guided cooking experience with tips and directions.

Culinary Center

An expanded guided cooking experience with tips, directions, full-color photography and more.

My Creations

Program your own recipe presets with up to three modes running consecutively without needing to reset the oven at each stage.

Convection Type

Single Fan True Convection: A convection system with a single fan.


MultiMode® Single Fan Convection: A convection system with a single fan that rotates at different speeds based on mode.


V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection: A dual-fan convection system that changes direction and speed based on mode. This system enables smart features like Culinary Center.

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