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NOIR 24" Built-In Steam and Convection Wall Oven

Key Features:

JennAir® Assisted Cooking
Remote Access
Steam Plus Convection Mode
3.5-Inch Full-Color LCD Display
Temperature Probe
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$3,099.00 MSRP

NOIR 24" Built-In Steam and Convection Wall Oven

$3,099.00 MSRP


Starting At

$3,099.00 MSRP

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Top Features

Additional Features

True Convection

Steady heat circulated by whirling metal blades weaves around every rack. Wield your cooking prowess from mouthwatering, flaky pastries to irresistible roasts.

Convection Bake Mode

Cookies, scones, muffins, soufflés, meringues and more. Whatever you crave, get golden-brown results that satisfy every time.

Steam Mode

Customize down to the exact percentage of steam, retaining nutrients and flavor without added oils. Insert dishes one, two, three at a time—flavors don’t mingle here.

Steam Defrost Mode

Mouth-watering meals commence. Defrost frozen food gently.

Steam Reheat Mode

Taste revived. Coax moist and delicious flavors out of your chilled or room-temperature foods without drying them out.

Proofing Mode

Tame the temperamental. Low, consistent heat protects dough from temperature swings for an even, more rapid rise than at room temperature.

Yogurt Mode

Try your hand at making rich, velvety homemade yogurt.

Sanitize Cycle

Use the power of steam to sanitize glassware and preservation jars.

Steam Cleaning Mode

Come clean. Revive your oven’s interior with a mode that helps you wipe spills away.

Roasting Rack

Hot air steadily wraps around delicacies roasting on a sturdy wire rack.

Baking/Drip Tray

Use as a baking tray or place below the wire rack or steam tray to catch dripping juices.

Steam Tray

Flavor unleashed. A perforated pan envelops dishes with steam to naturally bring out the flavor of consistently cooked fish, vegetables and more.

Language Setting

Select English or French as your oven’s display language.

Recently-Used Option

Put your preferences on full display. Find your 10 last used oven settings, right on the LCD touchscreen.

Drain Mode

Lose the excess. Free the boiler of residual water for optimal cooking performance.

Descale Mode

Don’t let things build up. Descale Mode helps reduce limescale deposits in the boiler and water lines.

Experts at the Ready

Our customer service crew engages in rigorous product, process and culinary training, so they have the answers you need—from sales to installation to ownership.

Serviced by a Select Few

Our dedicated service network is armed with extensive access to products and knowledge for unmatched expertise.


Up for anything. Whether you want steam, convection, or both, at 60cm wide and requiring only a 120-volt connection and no plumbing, these ovens can be installed throughout the home. Let your imagination run wild.


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Product Summary
Width 23-7/16 in
Height 18-5/16 in
Depth 20-3/8 in


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