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Euro-Style 24" Steam and Convection Wall Oven

Key Features:

Standard 120-Volt AC
Steam Plus Convection Mode
9 Cooking Modes
4.8-Inch Glass-Touch Controls with LCD
Convection Bake Mode
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$3,099.00 MSRP

Euro-Style 24" Steam and Convection Wall Oven

$3,099.00 MSRP


Starting At

$3,099.00 MSRP

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Top Features

Additional Features

Stainless Steel Interior

This lustrous interior is durable, easy to clean and attractive.

Steam Reheat Mode

Evenly reheat your chilled or room-temperature foods while keeping them moist and delicious.

1,200-Watt Convection Element

This 1,200-watt element surrounds your cravings with circulating heat until baked to your satisfaction.

1.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity

Enables multi-rack cooking to conveniently prepare several dishes at once with no flavor transfer.

27" and 30" Trim Kits

Trim Kits provide a uniform appearance by enabling this 24" oven to complement a 27" or 30" oven.

Baking/Drip Tray

This versatile tray serves as a baking pan and enables simple cleanup when used as a drip tray.

Brightness Setting

Use this setting to choose your oven display's brightness level.

Control Lock

Control Lock prevents unintended use of the oven and ensures complete, simple cleaning of the controls.

Euro-Style Stainless Design

A stainless steel finish and elegantly-curved handle complement your other Jenn-Air® Euro-Style Stainless appliances.

Halogen Oven Light

This high-luminosity lighting lets you clearly see when pastries and gourmet pizzas are baked to a golden brown.

Manual Cooking Mode

This mode puts you in complete control over the oven’s settings, without using Preset Foods Mode.

No-Preheat Option

Save time by cooking certain foods without waiting for the oven to preheat.

Preset Foods Mode

This mode lets you choose from 68 different preset foods that eliminate guesswork by adjusting the oven’s cooking settings for you, based on the food you choose.

Proof Mode

This low-heat mode maintains a consistent temperature, letting you proof dough quicker than you could at room temperature.

Roasting Rack (Wire Shelf)

This sturdy wire rack lets hot air evenly circulate around your food for consistent results.

Steam Cleaning Mode

With this mode, it’s easy to wipe away food soils from inside your oven -- keeping the interior lustrous and attractive.

Steam Defrost Mode

Defrost your food gently and evenly, maintaining its flavor and quality without any hot spots.

Steam Generator

The Steam Generator quickly heats the water needed to steam cook meats, vegetables, and more.

Steam Tray (Perforated Pan)

This perforated tray allows steam to envelop food for consistently-cooked fish, vegetables and more.

Temperature Probe

When this probe is used, there’s no need to open the oven door to check on your food’s cooking progress. The cooking stops as soon as your food has reached the set temperature.

Water Reservoir

Keeping your oven’s steam generator filled with water is simple with this removable, easy-to-fill reservoir.


This versatile wall oven uses steam to preserve nutrients in vegetables and tenderness in meats, and convection for evenly-baked pastries and roasts. Use steam and convection together for food that’s tender inside and roasted or crisped outside.


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Product Dimensions
A JennAir® wall oven, with height, width and depth dimensions shown.


23-1/2 in


18 in


22-1/4 in

Product Summary
Width 23-1/2 in
Height 18 in
Depth 22-1/4 in
Fuel Type
Fuel Type Electric
Design Euro-Style


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