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The interior of a pair of JennAir Columns.

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JennAir University

An eLearning hub for JennAir influencers, where you can deep dive into all things JennAir brand—from installation to brand ethos and more.


When you join JennAir University, you get access to exclusive content, from sales insights to product and installation deep dives. And with new content being added all the time, there’s more to learn than ever.

A JennAir® RISE™ Professional Style Range.

Lead the Pack with Insights

Uncover sales tips and insider knowledge on JennAir® appliances.

A JennAir Certified Install course shown on a laptop.

Become a Certified Installer

Offer your clients expertise forged by extensive training and an extra 1 year warranty.

The JennAir® defiant J badge.

Discover the JennAir Brand Ethos

Learn how to discuss and sell JennAir brand to your clients.

The interior of a JennAir® dishwasher, water spraying from the spray arms.

Deep Dive Product Features

Get a look at what makes JennAir® appliances distinctive.

An open JennAir refrigerator in a luxe kitchen.

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Sign up for JennAir University today to begin your deep dive into the JennAir phenomenon to learn what makes JennAir luxe products unparalleled.

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