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Compare Built-In Refrigerators

Design Expression

Panel-Ready: Comes without exterior panels. Pair with stainless steel or wooden panels to match cabinetry. RISE™ or NOIR™ handles may also be purchased separately.

RISE Design: A stainless steel traditional, professional-style design featuring a robust handle.


Ecliptic Lighting: LED lighting that extends around the perimeter of the refrigerator or freezer, illuminating every corner from all angles.

Multi-Point Cinematic Lighting: Lighting that ramps up in intensity as you open the door, increasing visibility and highlighting food items.

Climate Control Systems

Trinity Cooling: Within the refrigerator, three zones and precisions sensors are calibrated every second to offer total control over the humidity and temperature.

Divinity Freezing: Within the freezer, two precision sensors are calibrated every second to keep temperatures consistent.

Precision Temperature Management: This sensor-controlled system manages temperatures within the refrigerator and freezer to keep ingredients at their ideal preservation temperatures.

Highly Configurable

JennAir® Columns are meant to be paired in combinations of up to 3 consecutive units.

Choose your width, door swing, panel style, toe-kick style, handles and more to create a personalized refrigeration package.

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