Pro-Style® 48"Professional Wall-Mount Hood

Pro-Style® 48"Professional Wall-Mount Hood

Signature Features

Velocity Blower

Encounter an aura of clean air as smoke and steam are vanquished by the power of the 1,200 CFM blower.

Dishwasher-Safe Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

Help remove the grease and odors of high-heat cooking. Their stainless steel design is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Wall-Mount Hood

Wall installation allows the hood to seamlessly blend in with kitchens that follow a more traditional layout.

10-Inch Round Exterior Venting

Large-diameter venting that enables quiet airflow and effective performance.

Dual Lighting Levels

For precision. For ambiance. Two brightness options let you control the mood as you cook.

18-Inch Canopy Height

The 18-inch canopy height is designed to provide the optimal proximity to the cooking surface below, for the most efficient ventilation.

Radiant Until Ready

Dishes stay primed under restaurant-inspired lamps. Intensify visual impact by pairing with our professional-style backsplashes, including those with shelves.

Lustre Stainless

Blur the lines of temptation with mind-bending curves and hairpin corners of stainless steel that will leave you reeling.

Food Warming Lamps

These warming lamps, inspired by restaurant kitchens, keep food warm until ready to serve. They can be used in combination with the Pro-Style® backsplash or backsplash with two shelves.

Technical Specifications

Configuration and Overview

Size: 48 in
Hood Type: Wall Canopy


Number of Night Light Settings: 2
Number of Task Light Settings: 2
Task Light Type: Halogen
Task Lighting: Yes

Ventilation System

Sound Max Speed Sones: 10-1/10
Sound Max Speed: 10-1/10
Blower Type: Centrifugal


Lighting Control Type: Knob


Number of Night Light Settings: 2
Number of Task Light Settings: 2
Task Lighting: Yes


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IsOrderableUnit: TRUE
Product Type: EA
UDEX: 1100642102


Size: 48
Pro-Style® 48"Professional Wall-Mount Hood


Depth: 25 in
Height: 18 in
Net Weight: 102 lbs
Width: 48 in
Gross Weight: 130 lbs


Location of Controls: Hidden

Design Type

Design Expression: Stainless Steel