Panel-Ready 27” Warming Drawer

Panel-Ready 27” Warming Drawer

Signature Features

Sensor Temperature Control

This intuitive temperature control automatically monitors and regulates the warming drawer’s temperature.

Approved for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Freeing you from design constraints, this warming drawer can be installed both indoors as well as in outdoor locations like patios and decks.

Slow Roast Function

Enjoy the versatility of the Slow Roast function which allows you to roast foods such as beef, pork and poultry over a long period of time with tender, moist results. It cooks and roasts foods slowly at a low temperature and features two settings, resulting in flexible slow roast options.

Humidity Slide Control

Two humidity settings allow you to precisely control the moistness or crispness of food by opening or closing the vent slots in the door. The Moist setting holds moisture in the drawer to keep food soft, while the Dry setting allows steam and moisture to escape from the drawer to keep food crispy.

Bread Proofing Function

This specialized warming drawer function provides a controlled environment for proofing bread with excellent results. It prepares dough for baking by activating the yeast and allowing bread and rolls to rise at a low temperature.

1.3 Cubic Foot Capacity

To accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes of dishes and cookware, this warming drawer offers an ample, 1.3 cubic feet of capacity.

Technical Specifications

Exterior Details

Drawer Front: Stainless
Front Frame: Stainless
Knob Color: Black


Design Expression: Panel-Ready
Number of Racks: 2


Prop 65: Standard
UL: Yes

Warming Drawer Details

Removable Drawer: Yes
Sensor Temperature Manangement: Yes
Panel-Ready 27” Warming Drawer


Depth: 25 in
Gross Weight: 95 lbs
Height: 10-1/4 in
Net Weight: 75 lbs
Width: 26-3/4 in


Control Type: Knobs
Control Location: Interior Up Front
Temperature Range: 90F - 250F