Stainless Steel 4” Modular Downdraft Ventilation

Signature Features

4-Inch Width

Allows consumers to supplement a Jenn-Air® modular cooktop with downdraft ventilation to enhance an open concept kitchen and to provide additional installation opportunities.

Convertible to Duct-Free Ventilation

Keep the view from your kitchen open and free from ductwork with this optional kit that allows conversion to duct-free ventilation.

Flexible Installation Options

The addition of downdraft ventilation between modular cooktops and/or select Jenn-Air® full-size cooktops allows consumers to design a custom cooking surface that fits the way they cook.

21-Inch Depth

Ensures a common, unified design for a perfect match with one or more modular cooktops and/or select Jenn-Air® full-size cooktops.

Downdraft Ventilation

Developed and refined by Jenn-Air brand, a downdraft ventilation system uses proximity ventilation to capture smoke, steam and odors at the cooking surface, whisking them down and out of the kitchen before they can escape.

LED Ambient Lighting

Gently illuminating the downdraft ventilation, ambient LED lighting elegantly shows cooking vapors being captured and demonstrates the downdraft ventilation system’s power.

310 CFM HVI-Certified Blower Capacity

Rapidly and efficiently clears the air of vaporized grease, smoke and steam that can accumulate on walls and cabinetry.

Duct-Free Filter Kit

The duct-free filter included with the duct-free kit efficiently captures smoke, grease and moisture, resulting in a consistently fresh kitchen with an inviting, open design without requiring ducting.

Low-Profile Design for Traditional Installations

Stands just 3 millimeters above the countertop surface creating a uniform, minimal look — nearly flush with the countertop — among select Jenn-Air® cooking appliances.

Technical Specifications

Configuration and Overview

Cooktop Type: Downdraft

Ventilation System

Exhaust Vent Location: Rear
Blower Type: Centrifugal

Ventilation System

Filters: Grease Filters
Duct Direction: Vertical
Duct Outlet Size: 6
Duct Type: Round
Ventilation Type: Downdraft


Depth: 21.0 in
Height: 0-3/4 in
Width: 3-7/8 in


Watts: 375


Location of Controls: Front

Design Type

Design Expression: Stainless Steel