Black Floating Glass 36" Induction Cooktop

Signature Features

Industry’s Most Powerful Induction Element<sup>1</sup>

Our newest induction cooktops feature the industry’s most powerful induction element<sup>1</sup>, delivery fast & consistent results.<br><sup>1 Among induction cooktops.</sup>

Keep Warm™ Function

One of the Low Settings, each element features a Keep Warm™ Function which may be used to keep cooked food or delicate sauces warm until you're ready to serve. Having the function available on each element allows you to cook and warm food on the same element.

Performance Boost

Quickly heat cookware, boil liquids and sear meats by raising the cooking temperature above the highest setting for up to 10 minutes, available on all induction elements.

Induction Technology

Cooks like gas, looks like electric, outperforms both. By converting cookware into the heat source, induction technology gives you fast, efficient and outstanding cooking power.

Five Element Timers

Separate timers for each element allows you to easily time several dishes at once.

Pan Detection

A sensor detects your cookware before enabling an element. When it is removed, the element automatically switches off.

Sensor Boil Function

This intuitive option selects the optimal power level to quickly bring water to a boil, beeps when it reaches the boiling point, then adjusts the power level to minimize the possibility of boiling over.

Five Induction Elements

Five induction elements, in a variety of sizes to match cookware, generate heat directly into the cookware while keeping the surface cool.

Touch-Activated Controls with Power Slider

These controls are activated by the simple movement of a finger sliding across the sensitized surface.

Technical Specifications

Cooktop Details

Automatic Pan Detection: Yes
Downdraft Vent: No
Heating Element On Indicator Light: Yes
Hot Surface Indicator Light: Yes
Cooktop Element Style: Induction
Cooktop Surface Color: Black
Cooktop Surface Material: Ceramic Glass
Number of Cooking Element-Burners: 5
Center Rear Element-Burner Power: 5000/2800W
Center Rear Element-Burner Size: 12""/9""
Center Rear Element-Burner Type: Dual
Left Front Element-Burner Size: 7""
Left Front Element-Burner Type: Bridge
Left Rear Element-Burner Power: 2500W/1800W
Left Rear Element-Burner Size: 7""
Left Rear Element-Burner Type: Bridge
Right Front Element-Burner Power: 2500W/1800W
Right Front Element-Burner Size: 7""
Right Front Element-Burner Type: Bridge
Right Rear Element-Burner Power: 2500W/1800W
Right Rear Element-Burner Size: 7""
Right Rear Element-Burner Type: Bridge
Left Front Element-Burner Power: 2500W/1800W


Digital Display: Yes


ADA Compliant: Yes


Griddle: NA

Configuration and Overview

Size: 36 in
Cooktop Type: Traditional
Fuel Type: Electric Induction
Installs Over Built-In Oven: Yes
Prop 65: Standard
ADA Compliant: Yes


ProductOutletCategories: Cooking


isBaseUnit: true
GPC Code: 10001951
isConsumerUnit: true
IsInvoiceUnit: true
IsOrderableUnit: true
Product Type: EA
UDEX: 1100400623


Depth: 21-5/16 in
Height: 3-3/8 in
Maximum Height: 4-1/8 in
Minimum Height: 3-1/8 in
Width: 36-5/16 in


Hz: 60
Volts: 240
Power Cord Included: No


Knob Color: NA
Location of Controls: Front
Infinite Heat Controls: No

Design Type

Design Expression: Black Glass