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NOIR™ 30" Under Counter Microwave Oven with Drawer Design

Key Features:

1.2 Cubic Foot Capacity
Stealth Flush Install
One Touch Access
Multi-Stage Programming
Sensor Reheat
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$2,049.00 MSRP

NOIR™ 30" Under Counter Microwave Oven with Drawer Design

$2,049.00 MSRP


Starting At

$2,049.00 MSRP

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Top Features

Additional Features

Menu-Driven LCD Display

Visceral interactions ahead. An intuitive LCD display responds to your desires with settings and performance catered to your taste.

950-Watt Microwave Element

This luxury under counter microwave offers 950 watts of power, along with exceptional cooking and heat performance.

Emotive Controls

Striking, intuitive and easy to clean. Inviting controls wait expectantly for the lightest touch to unleash performance.

Add Minute

This one-touch selection automatically adds a minute to the cooking time at 100% power.


This feature is calibrated to reheat beverages to a suitable drinking temperature or create hot water for instant coffee or tea.

Control Lock

A selectable control that helps prevent unintended use and makes it easier to clean the cooking appliance control panel.


This mode streamlines the defrosting process by automatically adjusting defrosting times and power levels based on the food type and its weight.

Keep Warm

Reward anticipation. Low heat keeps tempting dishes ready and waiting for the right moment.


Ribbons of molten chocolate. Butter that yields to your knife. Melt with delicate heat that ignites passionate appetites.


This function allows you to warm to an ideal serving temperature.

Sensor Cook

This intuitive sensor streamlines the cooking process by automatically adjusting cooking times and power levels based on the food type, weight.

Sensor Popcorn

A humidity-sensored microwave oven function that determines when popcorn is finished popping.


This feature is calibrated for a more delicate heat, allowing you to soften food perfectly.


This feature is calibrated for a more delicate heat, allowing you to gently warm syrups or dessert toppings.


Open a world of power and speed with a touch. Striking, handle-free lines integrate seamlessly while an intuitive LCD display launches precise, swift cycles controlled by finely-tuned sensors.


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Product Summary
Width 30 in
Height 15 in
Depth 26-3/16 in


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