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Fuel Type

Gas: All burners on the cooktop are powered by gas.

Radiant Electric:
All elements are powered by heated coils beneath the cooktop surface.

Induction Electric: All elements are powered by electricity.

Ventilation Type

Updraft Ventilation: This cooktop airs with an updraft ventilation hood to draw oils, odors, smoke and steam up and out of the kitchen.

Downdraft Ventilation: Built-in ventilation pulls vapors and odors from the cooking surface down and out of the kitchen.

Burner/Element Output

Burner BTUs: The maximum heat a burner delivers on the gas cooktop.

Element Watts: The maximum power an element delivers on a radiant electric or induction electric cooktop.

Dual-Stacked PowerBurner™

These burners have two stacks of burner ports, allowing you to utilize one or two layers of flame for greater control over temperature. The total output is based on the max output of all burners added together.

DuraFinish® Protection

This finish provides the cooking surface with an extra layer of protection against discoloration and staining.

Auto-Sensor Cooking

Intuitive sensors constantly measure temperature throughout cooking and the system automatically adjusts. Requires dedicated cookware, sold separately.

Custom Cooktop Compatible

This cooktop is designed to install seamlessly next to 15” Custom Cooktops in your countertop.

Installation Types

Flush: This appliance installs in line with the countertop for a seamless look.

Semi-Flush: This appliance installs 3cm above the countertop for a nearly seamless look.

Traditional: This appliance installs over 3m above the countertop.

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