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A JennAir® Built-In Microwave, also called a Speed Oven.

JennAir® High-End Microwaves

Awaken Desire

Scroll to discover built-in, drawer, countertop and hood combination microwaves. There's room for whatever you're craving.

Red sparks and white particles on a dark background.

Two Progressive Designs — One Defiant Identity


Discover two distinct design expressions—the classic and postured RISE™ Design or the sleek and minimalist NOIR™ Design. 

A JennAir® Built-In Microwave in the RISE™ Design Expression.



Forged for an era of striking proportions, robust lines draw the eye and an asymmetrical, diamond-knurled texture wraps around a strong, postured handle.

A JennAir® Built-In Microwave in the NOIR™ Design Expression.



Sculpted in stainless steel, the NOIR™ Design Expression features hidden lace textures, discoverable only by touch.

A JennAir® Built-In Microwave.


Let your appetite run wild with microwave and convection energy. With curated recipes and full-color doneness images, an intelligent culinary experience awaits your touch.

Features to obsess over

The LCD display on the built-in microwave or speed oven.

4.3-Inch Full Color LCD Display

Navigate effortlessly through settings and cooking options, including temperature and cooking mode.

The interior of the built-in microwave or speed oven.

1.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity

Explore your options. There’s room for whatever you’re craving.

The interior of the built-in microwave or speed oven with the grill element activated.

Convection & Microwave Combination Cooking

Let your appetite run wild—broil, bake or warm with convection and microwave energy.

A flush oven hood microwave installed in a bank of white upper cabinets.

Flush Oven Hood Combination

Revel in beauty and cooking versatility with an oven and ventilation hood in one. Featuring conventional microwave cooking, air fry, bake and much more, these multi-faceted ovens install flush with your cabinetry for a seamless look.

Features to obsess over

A flush oven hood microwave installed in a bank of black upper cabinets.

Fully Flush Design

The fully flush and integrated design blends into cabinets for a clean, finished look.

The touchscreen menu of a flush oven hood microwave.

7-In-1 Oven

Air fry, convect bake and roast, toast, dehydrate and keep food warm until you're ready.

A variety of cut vegetables in an air fry tray.

Air Fry Mode

Achieve crispy, yet juicy, results on your favorites from french fries to fresh vegetables.

A JennAir® Microwave Drawer opened.


Open a world of power with a touch. Striking, handle-free lines integrate seamlessly while an intuitive LCD display launches precise, swift cycles controlled by finely-tuned sensors.

Features to obsess over

The side of the microwave drawer, showing off the 1/8-inch cabinet reveals.

Stealth Flush Install

Flush-to-cabinet design creates a subtly striking silhouette with 1/8" reveals.

An open microwave drawer.

One Touch Access

With zero handles, the flat-front design provides limitless integration and opens with a gentle push.

The screen of the microwave drawer, showing the controls.

Multi-Stage Programming

Control at will. Combine up to four power levels and keep your meal warm until you’re ready to dine.


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Flexible Options

Shop countertop microwave ovens or over-the-range microwave hood combinations to complete your kitchen suite.

JennAir® Countertop Microwaves in two configurations.

Shop stainless steel countertop microwaves. Available in 22- and 25-inch configurations.

A JennAir® Over-The-Range Microwave.

Shop over-the-range Euro-Style Stainless microwave
and hood combinations.

Discover JennAir® Microwave Ovens and Speed Ovens

Awaken desire with a JennAir® Microwave. Choose from the best over the range microwaves, speed ovens, best built-in microwaves and best drawer microwaves available from JennAir brand. Learn more about the types of microwaves as you shop and compare these speed ovens to find the best convection microwave oven for your kitchen.

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