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Types of Built-In Coffee Machines

From brewing your morning cup of coffee to making crafted espresso drinks, a built-in coffee machine has the capabilities to elevate every coffee brewing experience. The features on a luxury coffee machine will also make it quick and easy, with saved profiles based on your preferences, milk frothers and unique customizations. To find out which type of coffee machine is best for you, it’s best to know about the different models, sizes, features and finishes available.

Table of Contents

What is a Built-In Coffee Machine

What is a High-End Espresso Machine

Espresso vs. Coffee Machine

What to Look for in a Built-in Coffee Machine

Features of a Luxury Coffee Machine

How To
How to Use a Built-In Coffee Machine

Built-in Coffee Machine FAQ

What is a Built-In Coffee Machine

A built-in coffee machine heats water to your ideal coffee temperature and pours it over ground beans to capture the different flavors and oils to create the eternally-loved beverage that is coffee. The coffee is then poured into a cup or mug below and is ready to enjoy. 

While this process is known by many, a built-in coffee machine goes beyond it. There are countless features and functions to set a fancy coffee maker apart. A high-end coffee maker will help eliminate many of the manual steps that go into creating your perfect brew, like automatically grinding the beans and measuring the strength of the coffee.

A built-in coffee machine is not limited to only making coffee. With a hot water dispenser, you can quickly brew your favorite warm beverages such as tea, hot chocolate or any drink that requires hot water.

What is a High-end Espresso Machine

A high-end espresso machine will use pressure to push the near-boiling water through the grounds, whereas high-end coffee machines rely on gravity to allow the drip into your cup. Espresso machines provide the user with a rich, creamy beverage. 

Countless beverages can be made with an espresso machine, like americanos, macchiatos and the ever-iconic espresso martini.

Espresso vs. Coffee Machine

The amazing thing about high-end coffee makers is that you no longer have to choose between brewing espresso or coffee. That is because it has the capability of both makers in one sleek machine. A high-end coffee maker will expertly craft a cup of coffee or espresso, allowing the user to choose between the two seamlessly. 

The machine also has different functions that allow it to perform as a latte maker. The various controls will also help remove the effort of manually making your favorite barista-style drinks in your home.

What to Look for in a Built-in Coffee Machine

A built-in coffee machine will have many different features and advancements compared to low-end models. It’s important to consider the different functions you want your machine to perform and factors like the installation and capacity of your appliance when making the upgrade.


When considering adding a built-in coffee machine to your home, a good place to start is by measuring where you want to install the appliance. The advancements of luxury coffee makers now allow them to be placed anywhere, as they do not require plumbing to function – just a water reservoir. You can feature a high-end coffee machine in unexpected and convenient locations, like an office, lanai, closet, yacht or private jet. These appliances are a fantastic addition to smaller kitchens and spaces as well.


A luxury coffee maker also has a sleek and seamless finish. The design of the machine allows it to blend in with cabinetry or surrounding materials where it is installed, so you get a built-in look in your space.


Beyond the size and plumbing needed for your machine to function, there are various brewing capabilities, bean grinding and milk frothing options. A built-in coffee machine will easily perform all these tasks, whereas lower-end makers won’t include these functions and require multiple devices to accomplish each task.

A luxury coffee maker goes beyond a simple timed turn-on function. Your built-in coffee machine will automatically turn on, create the customized drink saved within your preferences and automatically turn off.


For those who enjoy entertaining, a built-in coffee machine will have dual-dispensing spouts so you can brew up to two cups at once. While users of low-end machines are often used to refilling the water, a high-end or fancy coffee maker will have a water capacity of up to 2.5 liters – meaning you can make more with less interruption or refilling. Other models of high-end coffee makers have a built-in water spout, eliminating the need to refill water in your machine entirely.

Features of a Luxury Coffee Machine

There are countless features in a built-in coffee machine that make it stand apart from other makes and models. The various controls make crafting barista-style beverages quick and easy. A high-end coffee maker will also help remove the need for multiple accessories in the home to create the perfect brew, as they will often be a coffee maker with grinder. 

Beyond different features and controls, a built-in coffee machine will also have additional capabilities to understand the functions of your device like water hardness, usage statistics, and modes to help reduce limescale deposits. There will also be different functions to alert you when the water needs to be filled again or the coffee beans are running low.

Here are some of the features of a built-in coffee maker:

  • Hot Water Dispenser

  • Dual Spouts 

  • Adjustable Settings

  • Auto-Start and Auto-Off Modes

  • Water Reservoir

  • Coffee Bean Grinder

  • Milk Frother

  • Temperature and Size Customization

  • Seamless Controls

  • Flush Design

How to Use a Built-In Coffee Machine

Whether in the morning or at the end of the day, using a built-in coffee machine is a breeze. With bright LED or touchscreen controls, all you have to do is select which beverage you want to drink and the machine will automatically do the rest for you. This includes laborious tasks such as grinding the beans or frothing the milk to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. 

The different controls on the machine will let you choose between different options and settings to curate your brew, such as the strength of the coffee, type of drink, portion sizes, temperature and more. You can curate how you want your beverages to be made through the controls.

Upkeep with the machine does include coffee beans and refilling the water periodically if your machine does not have a water spout. However, the device will let you know when it is time to top things off versus checking your levels manually. 

Built-in Coffee Machine FAQ

Is a Built-In Coffee Machine Worth It?

Yes, a high-end coffee machine is definitely worth it. Many features set it apart from a lower-end model. Luxury coffee makers will allow you to brew up to two beverages simultaneously, making them less time-consuming. You can also automatically brew various coffee, tea or hot chocolate for you and your guests to help reduce the need to manually craft drinks while entertaining.

How Much Does a Built-In Coffee Machine Cost?

A high-end coffee machine can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000.

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