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The cast iron grates of professional-style range, with brass detailing.

Professional Range Sizes

A professionally sized range can expand your culinary horizons and cooking capabilities in the kitchen. Discover the different professional range sizes available, from larger burner sizes to customized configurations that include unique cooking surfaces like griddles and grills.

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What is a Professional Range

Sizes of a Professional Range

How to Measure
How to Measure Your Range

Professional Range Sizes FAQ

What is a Professional Range

A professional range, or professional-style range, is a residential appliance with the appearance, feel and features similar to ranges in a commercial kitchen. These appliances will be made of premium materials, with some using cast-iron grates and chrome in the different elements. Customized configurations, like grills or griddles on the rangetop and french doors or two different ovens for cooking ingredients, are also available in many professional ranges.

There will also be an emphasis placed on the commercial aesthetic of the range, using bold design and striking lines to bring the desired commercial look to your kitchen.

A JennAir® professional-style rangetop. A JennAir® professional-style rangetop.

Different Sizes of a Professional Range

When it comes to professional range sizes, there are more options than lower-end ranges to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a specific size to fit your space or you want to upgrade your existing appliance to something a little bit larger, explore your options below to discover which professional range is best for your home.


When shopping, you'll often find that the range width commonly distinguishes appliances from one another. This is because the height and depth of ranges often come in standardized sizes. Here are the various sizes you can find a professional-style range in: 

  • 30-inch professional range

  • 36-inch professional range

  • 48-inch professional range

  • 60-inch professional range

For JennAir® ranges, the widths also include various configurations of the rangetops. These configurations can include Chrome-Infused Griddles, Gas Grills for indoor grilling, Downdraft Ventilation, Dual-Stacked Power Burners, electric cooking surfaces and more. Discover the different configurations for the different widths of JennAir Brand ranges:

 Icons of different range sizes and configurations of the rangetop.  Icons of different range sizes and configurations of the rangetop.


While the widths of a professional range vary based on the various configurations you can choose from, the height of your range will be more standard across the product lineup. The typical height of a professional or professional-style range is 36-inches tall

This specification is largely standardized across the appliance industry due to 36-inches being the same height as most countertops. You do not want your range to install or sit above the countertops for many reasons, including the aesthetics and safety concerns when cooking.


Similar to the height of your range, the depth of your appliance has also been standardized to account for the average or typical depth of your countertop. This standard size is anywhere from 27 to 29 inches deep

It is essential to note that this depth does not account for the knobs, handles, guards or grates that come with your appliance. Be mindful that there are some additional inches you'll need to consider when measuring the full clearance in front of your professional range or professional gas range.

A collection of JennAir® ranges in different sizes and configurations. A collection of JennAir® ranges in different sizes and configurations.

How to Measure Your Range

When measuring a professional range for your home, start by measuring your existing appliance in the space your upgraded range will go. It’s best to know the allotted space you are working with, rather than simply buying the same size appliance without measuring.

Start by measuring the gas range width from the sides of the appliance. This will give you a good idea of your range's existing width. Be aware that some range widths may be just over or under the exact measurement of the range, as this accounts for the installation of the appliance. 

Next, measure the height of your professional range from the top of the appliance (typically next to your countertops) to the bottom of the appliance. Do not measure the grates or raised burners of the range, as those are not considered in the total height of the range. 

Then, measure your professional range from the back of the appliance to the front of it. When measuring, be sure to measure the body of the actual appliance to get the true depth of your range and not to include the knobs or handles, as those are not typically included in the depth measurement of your appliance.

If you are installing your professional range into custom cabinetry, be sure to speak to your designers and builders about the space they have planned for where the professionally-sized range will be placed.

Halo-effect knobs on a professional-style range. Halo-effect knobs on a professional-style range.

Professional Range Size FAQ

Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding professional range sizes.

What is the difference between a high-end range and a professional range?

Like other types of appliances, some key differences set a high-end range and a professional range apart. You’re likely to find high-end ranges in more standard sizes, whereas professional-style come in expanded sizes with more options and configurations.

Is a professional range size worth it?

Yes — a professional range is worth it. From the additional configurations that come with professional sizes to the overall look and feel of your appliance, a professional range size can expand your cooking capabilities and create a statement in your kitchen.

Where can I buy a professional range?

While lower-end appliances can be purchased in big box stores, you will often find professional range sizes in specific stores for high-end appliances.  

To discover where JennAir Brand professional-style ranges are sold, use the store locator to find a showroom near you.


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