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 The JennAir® booth at KBIS 2024.

JennAir at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2024

march 08, 2024 | 5 min read

KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) is an annual event for industry professionals, manufacturers, designers and more to showcase and explore the latest on-trend products and innovations. Once again this year, JennAir brand is returned to the show to reveal new products for the upcoming year. Read on to learn more.

The entrance to the JennAir lounge at KBIS 2024.
A pair of JennAir® dishwashers installed with perimetric lighting around them.
A person interacting with Cuts Leather Panels at KBIS 2024. A person interacting with Cuts Leather Panels at KBIS 2024.

Photo Credit: Miguel Cortes

JennAir at KBIS

JennAir has long had a presence at the annual KBIS show, bringing new products, innovations and experiences both to the booth, and the IBIS Village. In 2020, the brand brought to life the Break Convention experience, which utilized shipping containers to create a revolutionary pop-up showroom experience.

Continuing the brand’s legacy of KBIS surprises, this year the brand unveiled several new products, including the brand’s first-ever professional-style induction range, a long-awaited wine column, and a brand-new limited edition Cuts leather panel, Mystic.

JennAir Debuts New Limited Edition Cuts Leather Panels

Temptation calls—do you dare to follow the siren’s song? JennAir brand revealed the latest addition to the Cuts Collection of panels, Mystic, an iridescent azure-green leather with an intricate texture. This limited edition panel design is available now through February 2025, with only 30 panels available for purchase.

“These leather panels are incredible.”
Booth Attendee
A pair of JennAir® Columns fitted with the new limited edition Cuts leather panels, Mystic.
A close up of the texture of the new limited edition leather Cuts panel, Mystic, fitted with a custom handle in black.

Photo Credit: Miguel Cortes

The panel design is inspired by the deep sea, an underwater world where glistening sunlight filters through and slowly fades as you dive ever deeper into the depths. The brand likens Mystic to a siren that pulls you in to marvel at the color and touch the delicate texture.

Mystic is the latest addition to the original four Cuts leather designs, Carbon, Caviar, Cognac and Croc. Learn more about the design behind the Cuts panels.

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JennAir Debuts New 48" Professional-Style Induction Range

In an expansion of the flagship Professional-Style Range lineup that allows you to cook smarter with effortless precision, the brand revealed a new fuel type:  a 48-inch Induction range. 

The product will be available in both the RISE™ and NOIR™ Design Expressions, and feature 3 flexible induction zones with bridge functionality, fully lighted knob control for surface and cavity control, dual-fan true convection in the oven, and a chrome-infused griddle.

The new JennAir® 48-inch induction professional range at KBIS 2024.
A close up of the halo-effect knobs on the new JennAir® 48-inch induction professional style range.

Photo Credit: Miguel Cortes

“The knobs on induction are a game-changer.”
Booth Attendee

The range will also feature the JennAir® signature Culinary Center step-by-step digital sous chef, with connected probe and precision sensors that take you from prep to plated perfection. 

The new Professional-Style Induction Range is expected to launch in late 2024.

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Other New and Upcoming Products at the JennAir Booth

In addition to the limited edition product reveal and first-ever 48-inch induction range, JennAir brand also revealed some other much-anticipated new product offerings.

The interior of the new JennAir® wine column, awash in amber light.
A custom-panel JennAir® wine column.
A close up of the presenter’s area of the new JennAir® wine column.

Photo Credit: Miguel Cortes

JennAir® Wine Column

Industry professionals and designers got their first look at an upcoming new product offering from JennAir brand: the full-size 24” wine column. While JennAir brand has offered a fully-integrated undercounter wine cellar for many years, this new product offers the experience in a product that will mesh seamlessly with the existing JennAir® Column Refrigeration line.

The product will feature the JennAir® exclusive Obsidian black interior finish, modular storage solutions, soft-close wooden racks designed to cradle any bottle size and a solution to brilliantly display your favorite bottles while still promoting longevity. The wine columns will offer premium wine preservation through amber light protection, through reducing vibrations and precise temperature and humidity control.

The new JennAir® Wine Column is expected to be available in late 2024.

The interior of a pair of JennAir® Columns. The interior of a pair of JennAir® Columns.

Photo Credit: Miguel Cortes

“These fridge interiors are a dream.”
Booth Attendee


This year’s KBIS show was also a chance for professionals to get hands-on with a new JennAir® Dishwasher—a new fully flush and integrated offering from the quietest luxury dishwasher brand in the industry.*

Attendees were astonished and delighted by the dishwasher, which upon opening revealed a speaker (for demonstration purposes only) blaring the sounds of Niagra falls—but immediately fell silent upon closing—demonstrating the innovation that has made the brand the quietest in the luxury industry.

The dishwasher will feature the brand’s signature ultra-quiet performance, high-capacity 3rd level rack with wash cycle, and a new drying cycle: Door Open Dry. With Door Open Dry, the dishwasher will automatically open its door to allow hot air to escape and promote drying at the end of the cycle.

The new flush dishwasher from JennAir brand is expected to be available in May of 2024.

*Based on normal cycle.

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“The dishwasher display is one of the best I’ve seen...”
Booth Attendee
A set of images showing the JennAir® flush dishwasher. A set of images showing the JennAir® flush dishwasher.

Photo Credit (right): Miguel Cortes


What is KBIS?

The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is a trade show dedicated to the kitchen and bath industry and typically features hundreds of booths from manufacturers, panels of experts, and more. It is the largest show in North America dedicated to kitchen and bath design.

When is KBIS?

The 2024 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show took place February 27-29, 2024.

Where is KBIS?

The 2024 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is located at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Who Attends KBIS?

A wide variety of kitchen and bath trade professionals, designers and manufacturers attend KBIS each year to see new products, innovations and trends.

Why Attend KBIS?

KBIS is the largest trade show in North America dedicated to kitchen and bath design. With over 600 booths to explore and more than 75 conference sessions to attend, there is something for everyone.

Other JennAir® Products At KBIS

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